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Any celebration is always incomplete without a Chocolate Cake. The Best & simple chocolate cakes are now available in refined versions of Chocolate. Kitkat Cake, Black Forest Cake, Choco Chips Cake, Choco Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Truffle and many more.

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CakeGifting has come up with a variety of cakes but above all, CakeGifting has brought a whole new collection of chocolate cakes. Chocolate cakes are an ideal cake option that can make your any occasion worth remembering. So, get any chocolate cake of any shape, size and preference to your celebration and make your celebrations a fun and celebrated saga. Order your favorite chocolate cake online from CakeGifting and get it delivered at your doorstep. We at CakeGifting provide our customers with a wide range of delivery services such as express delivery, same day delivery, mid-night delivery and more services.

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Nothing can be better than receiving a surprise in the form of cakes. But if a cake is chocolaty one, then it feels like a heaven for the chocolate lover. Right? When a slice of jaw-dropping chocolate goes into your mouth, the only word you can spell, “So Yum” and we will love to hear it. Such a flavor of cake is also considered as the perfect mood lifters as its sweetness can refresh your soul and make you feel awesome. A rich, creamy overload of chocolate on a cake is all you need to satisfy your craving as well as keep you happy throughout the festive season. People say “Cakes are the only sweeter solution of every problem.” That’s true! Sometimes life challenges you all the time and when you are tired of facing it, take a deep breath, have a piece of cake and bear it all confidently. CakeGifting is here with a wide range of best chocolate cakes that you can’t resist.

Interesting Facts About Chocolate Cakes

What is the History of Chocolate cakes?

Each one of us is a big fan of chocolate! No matter if it is available to us in a chocolate bar, a cookie, a pastry or our ever most favourite chocolate cake. However, each of us is readily aware of how the cake batter has been used and consumed since centuries as a common delicacy; however, it is the chocolate flavor that came into being and introduced the most irresistible flavor into this delicacy. If you are too wondering how and where does the chocolate cake come into existence? Well, the origin of the recipe is very simple. Cocoa beans were ground down into a fine powder by James Baker in 1764. After this discovery, Coenraad Van Houten in 1828, mechanically extracted cocoa butter and defatted cacao and thus, the chocolate flavor laid its foundations in the dessert industry. In fact, it was in 1886, when America began to use this flavor explicitly.

How Long it can be Kept?

On average, a chocolate cake can last up to a week or even more. A chocolate cake needs to be and should be consumed within seven days. However, the same is not followed in the case of a creamy chocolate cake as the cream is known to last only for 3-4 days. Also, as the whole dessert is prepared with perishable products, it is advisable to consume it within a day or two only as soiled food causes a great impact on health and of course, can sour the taste buds as well.

What are the Different Types of Chocolate Cakes?

1. Chocolate Photo Cake

2. Chocolate Designer Cake

3. Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake

4. Double Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

5.Death By Chocolate Cake

6. Truffle Cake

7. Chocolate Lava Cake

8. Chocolate Vanilla Cake

9. Chocolate Red Velvet Cake

10. Chocolate Glaze Cake

11. Chocolate Coffee Cake

12. Chocolate Fondant Cake

13. Dark Chocolate Cake

14. Traditional Chocolate cake

15. Black Forest Gateau

16. Molten Chocolate cake

17. Fudge cake

18. Chocolate Layer cake

Trendy Chocolates Cakes Available At CakeGifting For Your Sweet Moments

CakeGifting specializes in providing cakes that melt your heart and leave you wanting for more. However, CakeGifting also believes in keeping up with the latest cake trends to make your special moments feel more special and therefore we have come up with a lot of new cakes that are both trendy and also appeal to the customers. One of the best examples are pinata cakes as well as pull me up cakes. Yes, you can now buy online pinata cakes of decadent chocolate cakes at CakeGifting be it an anniversary or birthday.

Also, there are a variety of pull-me-up cakes available in different chocolate flavors that will also leave you craving for some more. Half-birthday cakes are also a lot in trend these days and therefore wait no more to order online half birthday cakes for your little one in delicious chocolate flavors. Online cake order delivery in Faridabad.

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